Documention CI / documentation build info


Is there a pre-configured environment (e.g a docker container) that can be used to build the documentation quickly? also, is there a plan to build the documentation in the CI and have checks and tests for changes introduced to the documentation?


The current CI indeed checks the documentation build and tutorials as part of the process. The CI images can be found here tvm/Jenkinsfile at main · apache/tvm · GitHub , you can use

docker/ ci_gpu

to quickly start the env used to build the documentation(although GPU is needed to build the tutorials because we need to run them).

Building everything along with running the tutorials can be slow, to quickly build the docs without running the tutorials, follow instructions here tvm/docs at main · apache/tvm · GitHub


Thank you for the info. i think it would be quite handy to have a section in the documentation on contributing to the documentation.