Debuging C++ code, STL can not dispaly values

When I debug TVM code, I can not display C++ STL code with values in VSCode, that is to say pretty printer does not work with GDB Attach(figure one). But the debug seeting of “-enable-pretty-printing” is ok(figure three). I tried a simple example also, it works(figure two). So, I do not konw what is wrong with it. Anyone can give me some hints, I will apprecaite it.

@Leo-arm, @sanirudh, @ Lunderberg, @ Mousius

figure one

figure two

figure three

I’m not familiar with VSCode settings as I usually just use command line gdb, but I’m able to print them on the command line with pretty printing (see image below) which makes me think that this is a VSCode specific setting issue.

Sorry I can’t be of any more help.

hi sanirudh Thanks for all your efforts. I really appreciate it. I have tried LLDB in vscode, and it worked well. Although it still does not work with GDB, but I can go on debuging the code.