[COMMUNITY] Show logos of organizations that use and contribute to TVM

It has been great to see community growth over the past few years. One thing that was bought up by several community members recently was should we show organization logos that use and contribute to TVM.

This is an RFC thread to see the thoughts from the community, and see if you would like your organization(including companies and universities) to be included. The proposal would be to add a section “organizations contributing using and contributing to TVM” in the community tab of the website in alpabetical order. something like the logos in ONNX organization https://onnx.ai/


+1 I am proud to show the world that were using TVM

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It is a nice idea. Like PyTorch glow has one section named as Parter show the logo. (https://github.com/pytorch/glow/blob/master/README.md). We could list it in README.md in our github repo and official website, which will give others confidence there are many companies and universities involved in, they could use TVM too.

+1 We would love to be a part of that as well!


It gives more confident to users/contributors/organization if they know there are many big brand using TVM. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for discussion. I created a formal voting thread here https://github.com/dmlc/tvm/issues/4162

The vote has passed. the website is online https://tvm.ai/community#organizations-using-and-contributing-to-tvm

Please reply to this thread and send PR to https://github.com/tvmai/tvmai.github.io/blob/master/community.md#organizations-using-and-contributing-to-tvm to add your organization :slight_smile:


Is this still valid process? Could you let me know how my org can be added to Community ?

Thanks, Joon

Yes, please open a new PR to tvm-site/contrib_orgs.yml at main · apache/tvm-site · GitHub

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Thank you very much! Done.


I’m Alicja from SiMa.ai. We use TVM in our products are excited to be contributors as well. We would love to be listed on the website. If that’s ok, we will publish a PR soon.

Thank you, Alicja

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in case it wasn’t clear, yes, please send a PR