Check failed: (f != nullptr) is false: Loader of (runtime.module.loadfile_tar) is not presented

Hello all,

I have tried following the C++ Deployment TVM Sample, which works perfectly for x86/.so compiled model binaries, but this is not the case for .tar binaries for arm.

Compilation of the C++ sample works fine and is tested to without any issues on x86, but arm is giving me this error:

pi@proteus:$ ./main -i ../test/airplane.jpg
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'tvm::runtime::InternalError'
 what(): [17:54:11] runtime/../../../../../tvm/src/runtime/ 
An internal invariant was violated during the execution of TVM.
Please read TVM's error reporting guidelines.
More details can be found here:
 Check failed: (f != nullptr) is false: Loader of (runtime.module.loadfile_tar) is not presented.
Stack trace:
 [bt] (0) ./main(+0x165a4) [0x5590ae65a4]
 [bt] (1) ./main(+0x102ec) [0x5590ae02ec]
 [bt] (2) ./main(+0x23120) [0x5590af3120]
 [bt] (3) ./main(+0x10634) [0x5590ae0634]
 [bt] (4) ./main(+0xa550) [0x5590ada550]
 [bt] (5) /lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/ [0x7f9906bd24]
 [bt] (6) ./main(+0xdb18) [0x5590addb18]

I am feeding in the model through LoadFromFile: int dtype_code = kDLFloat; int dtype_bits = 32; int dtype_lanes = 1; int device_type = kDLCPU; int device_id = 0; int in_ndim = 4; int64_t in_shape[4] = {1, 3, 224, 224}; int in_size = (1 * 3 * 224 * 224);

    // Initialize Runtime
LOG(INFO) << "Loading Binary...";
DLContext ctx{kDLCPU, 0};
tvm::runtime::Module mod_factory = tvm::runtime::Module::LoadFromFile(model_path);

LOG(INFO) << "Creating Runtime...";
gettimeofday(&t0, 0);
tvm::runtime::Module gmod = mod_factory.GetFunction("default")(ctx);
tvm::runtime::PackedFunc set_input = gmod.GetFunction("set_input");
tvm::runtime::PackedFunc get_output = gmod.GetFunction("get_output");
tvm::runtime::PackedFunc run = gmod.GetFunction("run");
gettimeofday(&t1, 0);
set_input(input_name, tvm_input);

Digging into /tvm/src/runtime/, I noticed there is no implementation for .tar:

Module Module::LoadFromFile(const std::string& file_name, const std::string& format) {
  std::string fmt = GetFileFormat(file_name, format);
  ICHECK(fmt.length() != 0) << "Cannot deduce format of file " << file_name;
  if (fmt == "dll" || fmt == "dylib" || fmt == "dso") {
    fmt = "so";
  std::string load_f_name = "runtime.module.loadfile_" + fmt;
  const PackedFunc* f = Registry::Get(load_f_name);
  ICHECK(f != nullptr) << "Loader of " << format << "(" << load_f_name << ") is not presented.";
  Module m = (*f)(file_name, format);
  return m;

Are there any current fixes around this issue?

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Update: renaming the resulting .tar file to .so after compiling will work. I believe it’s a way the naming is handled in LoadFromFile(). With that said, this naming can be applied in the function itself, but was also wondering if there’s a cleaner way of handling this. Some suggestions would be helpful for a fix to this :slight_smile: