Can't run microTVM reference examples


We are currently experimenting with uTVM, but so far we are still unable to run it standalone. We have followed the various tutorial for setting up the reference VM, but the still there is some problems during build time.

We are able to run the test here reported:

But, focusing on the standalone implementation

when we try to run

python -m micro_eval.bin.eval cifar10_cnn:micro_dev:data/cifar10-config-validate.json --validate-against=cifar10_cnn:interp:data/cifar10-config-validate.json

we get an assert error on function (assert out_dtype == “int32” TVMError: AssertionError). Here the full error log: uTVM error -

Any idea on how to resolve this asserting error?

Moreover, if we try the standalone example

python -m micro_eval.bin.standalone cifar10_cnn:micro_dev:data/cifar10-config-validate.json

We get another error: ImportError: cannot import name 'zephyr’

Do we have to manually install zephyr on the reference VM? (I thought it was pre-configured)

Is there any up-to-date tutorial for running uTVM standalone?


hi @nrdmtt,

we’ve now consolidated most of our microTVM tutorials onto the TVM docs site so they can be continuously tested. check out the list here: Work With microTVM — tvm 0.9.dev0 documentation