Cannot run the sample code ,"Check failed: oshape_sum == data_shape_sum "

My environment is:

  1. os: ubuntu 18.04;

  2. cuda:10.0;

  3. clang:10.0;

  4. tvm main branch at 55d81720f3d05bce559d8b4d7972f54b0fa3eb60

  5. python library: tflite 2.1.0

I build and install tvm as the manual,and run ./tests/scripts/ , every thing is ok.

I use the python script as follow:

but it crash with message:

What can I do to handle this?

Any body can help me ?

Hi @zhaozilongwhu,

Both links you shared require some sort of access privileges (at least for me). Do you mind share the script and the error code (or the salient part of it) in the post?


I am sorry,I will paste the code and the crash message in the post soon。

I paste the code and message in the post, but it is so ugly.So I still use goole colab,but every has the privileges.The link is:

the top is the code,and bottom is the crash message.