Can we generate assembly code that tensor dimensions are not fixed?

For the hand-craft assemby code, it usual not have fixed tensor dimension.

For example, we have matrix multply assembly code, it just need X and Y dimension meet certain requirement, like X % 4 = 0, Y % 4 = 0. But for TVM I only know the fixed dimension method, in other words, we need to specify the X dimension to 128, Y to 64, if we want to use TVM generated assembly code, we need to write the python code again, does autoTVM again.

If there is one method currently that I am not know, please help share method that can generate tensor dimensions are not fixed, only some limitations on dimension, that is great.

Anyone know this? Or TVM only support fixed dimension solution only currently?

Seems not? Any expert can help confirm this?

Hi @gfvvz , Please have a read to a previous answer I gave it here:

The answer to your question is then yes in TVM there is the capability to support symbolic tensor shapes that will change dynamically at run-time. However, be mindful that not knowing the shape of the tensors at compile time, might hinder some optimizations, so the code might not be “optimal”.

Hope this helps, Giuseppe