[AutoSchduler][Tutorial]Failed to run tune_network_cuda

I was failed to run the tutorial “tune_network_cuda.py” and got following Error:

RuntimeError: Cannot compile for GPU targets if no tuned schedule is found. Please see the warning messages above for more information about the failed workloads.

Is that a bug of tutorial?

tvm version commit 5535d48843499aa51f2c8249f2a31565d7ee4d22

cuda version 10.1

full log: log posted on gist

You need to uncomment the line # run_tuning() to perform tuning.

Thanks, it works. but some beginner may get confused if the example is not ready to run.

I would not call it “not ready to run”. We cannot uncomment the line. Since all tutorials are tested on CI, it would take hours to a day for every PR to pass the CI. The tutorial also has a note saying that you need to uncomment it by yourself.

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