Apache TVM v0.8.0 Release

The Apache TVM community is happy to announce the release of Apache TVM v0.8.0.

Apache TVM v0.8 brings several major exciting experimental features, including:

  • PaddlePaddle frontend
  • TVMScript: round-trippable python-based syntax for TIR
  • TorchScript integration
  • TensorIR scheduling language
  • TensorRT and CUTLASS integration via BYOC
  • Int4 TensorCore support in AutoTVM
  • MicroTVM Project API and Zephyr, Arduino support
  • AOT executor
  • Robust Windows support
  • Affine analysis infra: iter-affine-map
  • Improved Vulkan backend
  • CUDA graph support in TVM runtime

Besides, The community has been working together to refactor and evolve the existing infrastructure, including but not limited to:

  • Relay compilation engine
  • Relay pattern language
  • CI and build process
  • Refactoring documentation and tutorials
  • Stablizing AutoScheduler
  • Stablizing TVMC command line driver interface
  • Stablizing target system
  • Frontend coverage, quantization, dynamic shape, training

Check out the release note. A link to the download can be found here.