[Announce] New TVM Community Calendar

Last year the TVM Community started having monthly meetings to share updates on TVM development. Recently contributors to µTVM have started a similar bi-weekly meeting with a narrower focus on µTVM. To support these efforts there is now a general community calendar available to allow community members to schedule specialized or local meetings. This calendar is available for anyone to subscribe to, and write access can be granted for community members who are organizing TVM Community events. If you would like access to this calendar, please contact me directly.

This calendar is a community effort, and replaces the previous calendar being used for event tracking (which general write access couldn’t be granted to).

Thanks! -Chris


Thanks Chris! It is much more convenient :slight_smile:

This is a reminder that the community calendar has been migrated to the links above. If you were subscribed to the old TVM Event Tracker, that feed has been deleted and is completely replaced with the new calendar.