WARNING:root:Failed to download tophub package for llvm: <urlopen error [Errno 111] Connection refused>

The tophub package can’t be download, is it necessary for auto-tuning convolutional networks?

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I fall into the same question 。Although it has no influence on the runng of my program, I want to solve it!

I faced this warning too

I faced this warning too

Are you in China,I have resolved this warning by VNP ...100%, 0.02 MB, 49 KB/s, 0 seconds passed

it is VPN? emmm,what is the name of VPN?HALLO HALLO HALLO

You can git clone from https://github.com/uwsampl/tvm-distro and mv tophub/ to ~/.tvm/tophub.


wow,thank you!can i add your friends?My wechat is 17671689743.

but there is not better result to improve speed.

work for me! But i encounter a warning as below: Cannot find config for target=cuda -keys=cuda,gpu -max_num_threads=1024 -model=unknown -thread_warp_size=32, workload=(‘dense_small_batch.cuda’, (‘TENSOR’, (1, 512), ‘float32’), (‘TENSOR’, (1000, 512), ‘float32’), None, ‘float32’). A fallback configuration is used, which may bring great performance regression.

Excuse me,where should I put the “tophub” file?

Nice!!!Thanks! I solved this problem.

for guys in china could use this repo: https://gitee.com/lanyuflying/tvm-distro

after cloned, in the tvm-distro dir, excute mv tophub/ ~/.tvm/