Tvmc how to set Task number?

I am using tvmc to compile, but whatever I set trials number repeat the output:

[Task  1/45]  Current/Best:    0.00/   0.00 GFLOPS | Progress: (0/22) | 0.00 s^CTraceback (most recent call last):

just doens’t change.

the value 45, how to change it??

Hi @jinfagang,

The value 45 actually refers to the total number of layers in the model you are attempting to tune. So “Task 1/45” refers to the task of tuning the first operator.

Instead, when you set trials, this determines the value x at “Progress: (0/x)”. However, if the search space is smaller than your maximum number of trials, x will be set to the size of the search space rather than your value specified by trials. In this case it is set to 22.

Hope this helps!

@lhutton1 thank u!

That really helps! But I still got some problem, since Task i/45 indicates every single layer of the whole model, but how do I know, is every layer searched to a optimized result? Does there any loss or value indicates whole cost?

I think my search log out some what, 0FLOPs, is that normal?

Each later will only be searched up to maximum of either trials or the size of the search space. Other than FLOPS I don’t believe there is another indication determining how optimized the result for each layer is.

In my experience 0 FLOPS could indicate something went wrong running the model, would you be able to share the log while tuning?