µTVM for ARM Ethos-U

Hello all,

I would have a question if “MicroTVM” supports ARM Ethos-U class devices or if it’s under consideration to do so? just for reference: TinyML - How TVM is Taming Tiny

Thank you for your insights.

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Hi there. You might be interested in taking a look at a talk we gave on Ethos-U support for uTVM at the TVM conference last year: TVM Conf 2020 - Day 2 - Lightning Tal.

Hi Matt, has there been any progress on this since the talk?

Hi Jake, there has indeed been some progress. We’ve been working quite a lot on the AOT codegen for uTVM recently but hopefully there will be an Ethos-U RFC coming out shortly.

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We’ve got an RFC out now which you can find here: [RFC] Arm® Ethos™-U Integration. There will be some PRs to follow.