Setting num_parallel=2 does not work on two rasps

I have two rasps (different ips) connecting to the tracker, and I also set up num_parallel to two in the autotune script, while only one of them is working and another one keeps sending “INFO:RPCServer:no incoming connections, regenerate key”. Do I have to do extra setups?



That should not be the case even if num_parallel is one, as the tracker should use alternating PIs. What are the device keys that you are using for each device?

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You can try to restart all of them and see whether you can get two “free” rasp on the queue status.

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Find the problem, thanks for you info!

It is actually caused by my SSH tunneling configurations, not your codes.

@Jokeren how did you solve this issue? In my host machine, when I query, I can see multiple devices are registered but only one is used during tuning, the other one returns INFO:RPCServer:no incoming connections, regenerate key ...

@gasgallo, sorry I haven’t been working on this for two years.