Running inferences on Hexagon DSPs


Currently, I’m trying to run inferences of some NN models on Hexagon DSPs in Android devices.
By referring to this,
I’ve manually merged source codes for the Hexagon runtime support to the TVM release and compiled it successfully.
However, after this, I have no idea on how to run the inferences on Hexagon DSPs in an Android device (Google Pixel 3).
Could you please give me some hints for this?
(I’ll be ready to contribute for this!)

Thanks in advance for the help!

The pull request mentioned in that thread is fairly old and allegedly missing some bits, so I’m not sure what all you’ll be able to accomplish by merging it. We’re currently waiting on some internal legal things to resolve before we can merge the rest of our changes with upstream tvm, but there’s no ETA for that yet.

yeah, that pr misses something and have some issue as said here. Especially codegen part. Introducing Hexagon backend