Loading serialized module from binary bytes buffer

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone knows is it possible to load a module from binary bytes?

For example, current we can tvm::runtime::Module::LoadFromFile

fmod = tvm::runtime::Module::LoadFromFile(module_lib_path);

But there are use cases that it is not possible to load from file, in case we need to load from bytes, from example:

fmod = tvm::runtime::Module::LoadFromBinary(char* model_lib_bytes, size_t bytes_size);

I can see there is an tvm::runtime::LoadModuleFromBinary, so I tried the following:

const std::string& type_key = "GraphExecutorFactory";
std::unique_ptr<dmlc::Stream> module_stream(dmlc::Stream::Create(module_lib_path.c_str(), "r"));
m_fmod = tvm::runtime::LoadModuleFromBinary(type_key, module_stream);

However, it doesn’t work.

Anyone has any idea how we can achieve it?

Thanks in advance!