Cannot find config for target=llvm -keys=cpu

Hi there,

I’m running the x86 tutorial on a GCP VM instance, but got this warning below

Cannot find config for target=llvm -keys=cpu, workload=(‘dense_nopack.x86’, (‘TENSOR’, (1, 512), ‘float32’), (‘TENSOR’, (1000, 512), ‘float32’), None, ‘float32’). A fallback configuration is used, which may bring great performance regression.

The tuning still seems done but not sure if it optimizes the execution. Any idea? Thanks!

@comaniac Hmm, not sure if you’re not the right person for this question, but I’d really appreciate it if you could provide some hints or pointers to others.

Because the tutorial only tunes conv2d tasks:

tasks = autotvm.task.extract_from_program(
    mod["main"], target=target, params=params, ops=(relay.op.get("nn.conv2d"),)

Although I don’t think missing one dense schedule will hurt the performance a lot, you can modify the code to the following to let AutoTVM tune the dense op as well:

tasks = autotvm.task.extract_from_program(
    mod["main"], target=target, params=params)

When no ops is given, AutoTVM extracts all tasks by default.