[ASK FOR HELP] Do we have MetaSchedule Python API Docs?

I’m going to use meta_schedule to tune my operator. But I don’t find any API docs available. Do we have MetaSchedule Python API Docs? I searched at https://tvm.apache.org/docs/v0.11.0/reference/api/python, but find nothing about MetaSchedule. Please help

Maybe Unittest of MetaSchedule helps. That’s the way I got familiar with MS now.

OK, thank you. I will try it

cc @junrushao for the overdue tutorials


@Hzfengsy i think @MasterJianxing is asking for docs rather than tutorials. it’s weird that MetaSchedule docs are not showing up there though :frowning:

Either tutorials or MetaSchedule Docs is OK. But now we still have nothing to read and learn

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Looks like meta_schedule docs were added with PR #14480, and I can see the docs available now at tvm.meta_schedule — tvm 0.12.dev0 documentation


thanks @zxybazh for your effort getting MetaSchedule docs online!

I looked into the docs, however, it seems all secondary APIs are not revealed for some reason, for example, tvm.meta_schedule.runner.LocalRunner. Not sure what to do

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Hello @junrushao , As you said, secondary APIs have not been revealed yet in the metascheduling docs. Also, will it be possible to get a tutorial on how to use metascheduling? I understand that the relevant code has already been upstreamed to the main tvm and I am able to locate the metascheduling folder in tvm, but the learning it via unittests alone is a bit tedious.

Similar to how AutoTVM and AutoScheduler have tutorials, for example - Auto-tuning a Convolutional Network for NVIDIA GPU — tvm 0.15.dev0 documentation (apache.org), please include an end to end tutorial for meta scheduling as well. Thank you so much. @zxybazh

Yes, a tutorial would be a huge lifesaver at this point.

Hi @Krishna, thanks for the suggestion! Documentations are under developement and it’s definitely something we want to have. For now I think the MLC tutorial would be a good start to get familiar with MS tuning. And I also shared some tips in the other thread that you were asking.

Also please feel free to create another thread for specific question or contribute to a tutorial if you’d like. Thanks a lot!

Hi @zxybazh ,

Thank you so much for your quick response. I will definitely check these resources first. I will make sure to open a new thread for any further queries and suggestions reg this issue.

Thanks again!